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What is Tornado M55?

Tornado M55 is advanced customer premises equipment (CPE) device for delivering streaming audio, video, and data directly to your TV set. Tornado M55 supports advanced MPEG4 video and MP3 audio compression algorithms in order to deliver optimal quality content even in adverse network conditions. Besides audio and video, Tornado M55 also offers advanced Voice-over-IP capabilities, which enable you to make inexpensive phone calls over the Internet. Additional services supported by Tornado M55 include video conferencing, chat, email, news, local weather information, program scheduling, video recording, voicemail and more.

How does the Tornado M55 work?

Typically, Tornado M55 connects to both your TV set and TVRiver servers in order to deliver audio and/or video content directly to you. From the TVRiver servers, Tornado M55 receives compressed signal over broadband lines. Signal compression allows Tornado M55 to deliver higher quality content than your broadband connection would otherwise allow. Upon receiving signal, Tornado M55 decompresses it and converts it to format suitable for display directly on your TV screen. You can select from the available Radio and TV channels using the included remote control.

In alternative setup, Tornado M55 connect to both your TV set, your PC and TVRiver servers. From your PC, Tornado M55 can retrieve audio and/or video files and can display them on your TV set as if they are streamed from TVRiver servers. Again you will have complete control over displayed content via the included remote control.

How to connect Tornado M55 to your home appliances and network?

Did someone ever tell you that “A picture is worth a thousand words”? The diagram below shows visually how to connect Tornado M55 to your TV set, PSTN line and home network.


How to order service?

To order TVRiver's service, please visit our sign-up page . You will be asked to fill a short form, providing us with your name, address and email. You will also be asked to select a username and a password that will enable you to log in your TVRiver account. Finally, you have to accept our terms of service by checking the corresponding box and click the “Submit” button.

How to activate service?

When you sign-up for service, TVRiver will create an account for you but it will remain inactive until you activate it. To do so, you have to provide a valid credit card number on file by entering your credit card information directly in your TVRiver account online. Alternatively, you can fund your account via check, voucher, PayPal or money transfer. For details about alternative payment methods, please contact our Customer Service department at .

How to install Tornado M55?

Once you receive a Tornado M55 device from TVRiver, you should perform several simple steps in order to install it at your location. First, you should connect it to your TV set and/or Home Entertainment system according to the instructions that will arrive with the device. Second, before turning on the device, you will need to access your TVRiver account and enter the MAC address of your Tornado M55 device in the MAC field and press the “Update Device Info” button (TVRiver -> Account -> Provision Device). Once you perform that step, TVRiver will know where to send you content. The MAC number is located at the bottom part of the device (refer to the installation instructions that you will find in the Tornado M55 box).

How to access media?

Once you subscribe for a service and activate your account, TVRiver will send you Tornado M55 device that you will use to receive and display content on your TV screen and/or Home Entertainment system. To access the different media options that TVRiver offers, after you install the device please turn it on and use the remote control to navigate the device menu.

What type of media do you support?

TVRiver supports a wide range of video, voice and data media. Our equipment is designed to deliver high quality MPEG4 encoded video streams such as IPTV, Video-on-Demand, and Pay-per-View. Besides video, our infrastructure natively supports AAC/MP3 compressed digital audio streams such as online radio stations or MP3 files stored in a local PC. Finally, TVRiver supports VoIP telephony utilizing G.711, G.726 and G.729 codecs.

What is the region of TVRiver service ?

Unlike traditional cable companies which can deliver services only to customers in specific regions, TVRiver's service is available to customers worldwide. Any customer can subscribe for our services and can enjoy our content from any geographical location provided that he/she has access to broadband Internet connection.

How can the subscriber access the service?

There are three steps necessary before you can access TVRiver's services. First you need to sign-up for service online at . Then you need to fund your account. Upon service sign-up and account funding, we will send you Tornado M55 device. The package that you will receive will contain detailed instructions how to install the device. Once device installation is complete, you can immediately access our services via the device menu using the included remote control.