Frequently Asked Questions

What is is a leading provider of IP TV, Video-on-Demand, Pay-per-View, Audio-on-Demand, Online Radio and other voice, video and data services delivered to subscribers over broadband connections. What differentiates from other service providers is that our advanced technology allows us to deliver services directly to the TV screens and/or Home Entertainment systems of our subscribers.

Do I need a computer to enjoy the services of

No you don't. When you sign up for service we will send you a small device which plugs into your broadband connection (such as DLS, LAN, WiFi or cable) and connects to your TV set and/or home entertainment system. Other than a TV set and/or home entertainment system you don't need any additional equipment to enjoy our services.

What is a set-top box?

A set-top box is a device that turns digital signal into audio and/or video content and delivers it to a television set and/or home entertainment system. As a set-top box for delivery of its services, uses the Tornado M55 Digital Media Center. Tornado M55 receives data packets from a broadband connection such as DSL, LAN, WiFi or cable, converts them into audio or video streams which it delivers to the TV screens and or home entertainment systems of our subscribers.

Can I use service from my home and my vacation home?

Yes you can as long as you have broadband access in both locations. Simply unplug the Tornado M55 device from your primary location, take it to the new location and connect it properly. Please note, however, that a single subscription allows you to use our services from one location at a time. If you want to use our services from more than one location simultaneously then you need to purchase extra subscriptions.

Will the service interfere with my DSL or cable modem data connection?

The service routes voice and video data alongside local network data. Thus, you can enjoy our services and use your computer to access the Internet at the same time. uses advanced audio and video compression techniques to minimize the data traffic necessary to deliver its services and maximize available bandwidth for your other needs. We recommend, however, that you limit downlink usage (e.g. limit download of big files) while enjoying bandwidth intensive content such as video.

Is there a difference between using DSL or Cable modem when using Which one do you recommend to use?

Both DSL and cable modems provide sufficient bandwidth to support the service. You can use either one as long as it can support 1.5 Mbps traffic. To check your speed to our servers click here: Check your speed

Is there an annual contract?

No, there is no term-commitment with service. The subscription is renewed automatically on a monthly basis. You may cancel your subscription at any time by logging in your account and selecting the “Cancel subscription” option.

Which set-top boxes are compatible with currently supports the Tornado M55 Digital Media Center only.

Where is available? is a worldwide service. You can subscribe for it and use it from any location with broadband Internet access.

What is the minimum subscription period? offers monthly subscription to its services. Subscriptions renew automatically at the end of each month unless cancelled by the subscriber.

How can I pay for the services? accepts credit card payment from Visa, Master, and Discover. We can also accept checks, money orders and other alternative payment methods. If you would like to use the alternative methods, please email for more information.

How do I sign up for

You can sign up online at

I ordered WiFi option - how to set it up?

The easiest way is to call our customer service at 1-800-481-4981 and we will do it for you. Please before you call download and start the TeamViewer software from here: